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Hexbrowser is a tool that can identify more than 1000 different file formats, by looking for signatures inside the files.

HexBrowser is freeware. The latest version is v0.72 (march 2014).
It is made by Peter Fiskerstrand. HexBrowser works on all Windows versions that can run .NET 2.0.
Check out the FAQ.

Report bugs or contact us: info@hexbrowser.com


Current version:
HexBrowser.NET v0.72 beta with MediaInfoLib (x86). Requires .NET 2.0
HexBrowser.NET v0.72 beta with MediaInfoLib (x64). Requires .NET 2.0
HexBrowser.NET v0.72 beta only. Requires .NET 2.0

Old versions:
HexBrowser.NET v0.71 beta. Requires .NET 2.0
HexBrowser.NET v0.69 beta. Requires .NET 2.0
HexBrowser.NET v0.68 beta. Requires .NET 2.0
HexBrowser MFC v1.5.71 You'll need mfc71.dll and msvcr71.dll in your system32-folder to use the old HexBrowser.

What's new

Version 0.72:
   Reached 1000 file signatures.
   Shows the content of cab files.
   Lists font names inside TTC true type collections.
   Shows TTF/OTF Copyright notices.
   Shows application string from MetaINF (XML in ZIP)
   Added signatures for Photo font, XML truetype, Font forge spline font, Postscript truetype font, more XML types, xna, geoRSS, coreldraw, GFZip, iLook/IXimager forensic image, EnCase EWF v1/v2, Macromedia Director, eXtensible Music File Format, and more...
   New website design.
Version 0.71:
   Metadata for OpenType, TrueType and WOFF font files.
Version 0.70:
   Integration with MediaInfoLib: HexBrowser now shows details for audio and video files.
   Application settings.
   Better support and new signatures for MSI,OLE2,XML,BIFF,PCAP.
Version 0.69:
   Added signatures for a lot of formats (Playstation, SELF exe, Apple mach-o, Android, DEX, OSX, iOS, Amiga, +++)


HexBrowser Screenshot   HexBrowser Screenshot
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HexBrowser is a tool that identifies file types. It does not care about the file extension, but opens each file to look for signatures inside, so it can determine the exact type of a file. It now recognizes more than 1000 different file formats. HexBrowser shows detailed information about each file, or a hex- or text dump of the beginning of each file. For the sake of speed, only the first 12 KB of the file is shown.

Here are some of the file formats that it recognizes:

Audio real, wav, mp3, decaudio, adlib, sunraster, adif, midi, avr, au, vqf, alp, esps
Video real, asf/wmv, mpg, mov, 3gp, mp4, mjpeg, dv, flac, nsv, mng, swf, mtv, fli, flc, bik
Graphics jpg, jpeg2000, bmp, gif, wmf, tiff, openexr, mdi, kdf, viff, psd, mrsid, cmf, png, jng,
wpg, psp, iff, emf, eps, ps, pcx, pic
Office MSOffice, OpenOffice, PocketWord, StarOffice, Write, iWorks, txt, rtf, html, pdf, chm, pst, xml
Archives zip, rar, lha, larc, installshield, c64, sbx, daa, cab, tzf, jar, sit,
gzip, ghost, zoo, hyp, ima, arj, 7-zip, z, lzx, hqx, deb, rpm
Other mac/linux/unix/dos/windows/amiga/ps3 executables, database files, fonts+++

HexBrowser also shows extended information about some of the file types.


Different ways to open files: